Author: John Glover

Early Primary Election results looking good for Dems!

The votes in all of the August 2 primary elections are still being counted, but the early results look very promising for Democrats. In the words of Andrew Villeneuve, State Committee Member for the 45th LD Democrats and Executive Director of the Northwest Progressive Institute, “contrary to what many pundits, journalists, and Republican operatives had said, there was no red tide. Instead, Democrats dominated.” (Photo courtesy of Lincoln Potter)

How Redistricting Would Impact the 45th LD

A city-by-city analysis by longtime 45th Dems member Ken Albinger breaks down how each of the 4 redistricting proposals would impact the cities currently in the 45th LD

45th NSD Endorsed

Get out YOUR Vote!

August primary ballots have now arrived in most mailboxes. Please do your best to support the candidates and ballot initiatives endorsed by the 45th Democrats – by voting, by getting your friends to vote, and by volunteering for campaigns.

2021 Election Endorsements

As of May 24, 2021 these are the candidates recommended by the Endorsements Committee for endorsement by the 45th LD membership.