UPDATED: An analysis of the 2022 boundaries of the 45th LD

Longtime 45th LD member and leader Ken Albinger has just done another round of analysis on how the revised boundaries of the 45th compare to the current lines, based on the approved maps of the WA State Redistricting Commission.

The Washington Legislature has made minor modifications to the WA State Redistricting Commission maps of our Legislative and Congressional Districts and have released them through the 49 Counties that administer elections.

Legislative Districts

Starting at the west end of the King-Snohomish County line, a review of the boundary changes shows the following additions and removals or precincts…


All 13 City of Woodinville Precincts have been removed from the 45th and moved to the 1st LD, along with 5 King County precincts: Port, Rose, Napoleon, Elsom and Reintree. 18 total removed.


Most of the 2 King County precincts around the City of Duvall were removed (Cherry Valley and Stillwater). The west and south portions of those precincts were combined with Novelty. Novelty and Vincent were added to the 45th stretching south to, but not including, Carnation and west to add Snow, Ames Lake and Quail Creek precincts. All 9 precincts in the City of Duvall remain in the 45th. 2 removed, 5 added.


The southern boundary in the City of Sammamish moved north; 5 precincts were removed: SAM-3293, 2693, 3505, 3412 and 3386. 5 total removed.


The southern boundary of the City of Redmond moved south, adding 6 precincts: RED-3391, 2448, 0951, 2641, 3313 and 2966. 6 total added.


The southern boundary of the City of Kirkland moved; 1 precinct was removed (KIR 0616), two split off from existing precincts (KIR-3917 and 3828), and 2 precincts were added (KIR-2731 and 2913). 1 removed; 4 added.

The western boundary of the City of Kirkland moved west up Juanita Drive, adding 11 precincts: KIR-2923, 2812, 2467, 2752, 0019, 3422, 3874, 0356, 2488, 2759, and 9914. 11 total added.

So at this point in the redistricting process, the approximate precinct within the 45th is about the same as prior to the redistricting, with 26 removed and 26 added. There are a few split precincts within the district boundaries that are not yet accounted for and some name changes.

Congressional Districts

The line between the 1st CD (Suzan DelBene) and the 8th CD (Kim Schrier) now divides the 45th about evenly. That line now runs up Lake Sammamish (all of Sammamish in the 8th CD), to the east of the City of Redmond (all of Redmond in the 1st CD) up Avondale Road, west on 128th Street and then north on 172nd Ave. It runs north to the east boundary of the City of Woodinville (all of Woodinville in the 1st CD) and up through Snohomish County.

1st CD: Kirkland 65 precincts, Redmond 19, King County 6 = 90 total precincts

8th CD: King County 57 precincts, Sammamish 20 precincts, Duvall 9 precincts = 86 precincts

Here is Ken’s analysis from February…

The 2022 45th Legislative District Boundaries

Our new 45th boundaries maintain the legislative district within North East King County and continue to include: North Kirkland, North Redmond, Duvall, North Sammamish and Unincorporated King County areas within. We have lost Woodinville to the 1st LD. 

The 45th is still bounded by Lake WA to the west, the 1st LD district to the north, the 48th LD to the south in Kirkland and Redmond, and the 41st LD in Sammamish. Our east boundary is now with the 12th LD east of Duvall down Route 202 to Carnation.

The details of our boundaries has changed some and can be seen on the WA State Redistricting  Commission website. The interactive map using the basemap of streets is an easy way to see the district boundary in fine detail. [You can see where you house is on the map by using the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the map.]

Below I have described the new boundary (with some description of our old boundary) for each area.


The new north boundary is further north, starting at O.O. Denny Park and running diagonally NE up Finn Hill to 100th Ave and NE 145th Street. It mostly still runs along 145th Street to the north of Kingsgate and the south edge of Woodinville.

The new south boundary begins in downtown Kirkland as before and runs along Central Way to 108th Ave, runs north on 108th Ave to about 17th Ave; runs east along 17th avenue to 128th Ave NE, where is runs north to about 106th Street; and then runs south on 132 Ave NE to about 100th Street.

Roger Goodman and Larry Springer’s homes are still within the 45th.


The new south boundary with the 48th LD is similar to our existing boundary, but it runs approximately along 95th Street with some jogs over to Avondale Road at about 84th Place NE. It runs up Avondale road to Novelty Hill Road and runs out Novelty Hill Road to 198th Ave NE and runs south along 198th Ave to Lake Sammamish.

Manka Dhingra’s home is still within the 45th.


The south boundary with the 41st has moved north to along NE 8th Street (it used to come approximately along SE 8th Street). So we have less of Sammamish in the 45th than before.


The north boundary still comes along the King County line over to Route 202 and runs east of the City of Duvall coming back to Carnation-Duvall Road north of Stillwater and running along 202 until The City of Carnation, which is outside of the district.

Unincorporated King County

More of the district’s area is now unincorporated King County. The IKC areas north of Redmond and south of Woodinville remain in the 45th. East of Woodinville the IKC areas south of 165th Street to Cottage Lake remain in the 45th. East of 194th Ave NE and North of Woodinville-Duvall Road out to Duvall remain in the 45th LD.
All areas south of Woodinville-Duvall Road and east of Avondale Road remain in the 45th LD.

Trilogy and Redmond Ridge Areas remain in the 45th LD. The Union Hill Road neighborhoods out to and beyond Ames Lake out to about Tolt Hill road remain in the 45th LD. The neighborhoods in the Snoqualmie Valley east of Duvall and west of Route 202 all the way south to the Tolt-McDonald Park east of Carnation remain in the 45th LD.

Unfortunately Linda Jenkins and Robin Barnes’ homes are no longer in the 45th.