December 15 Special Meeting for 45th LD Members

This special off-cycle meeting will start at 6pm, with pre-meeting check-in starting at 5:45pm. Please click this link to register for the meeting (Note that the same Zoom registration and meeting credentials will serve for both the 6pm special meeting and the Think & Drink event which will follow immediately after).

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Here is a message from Chairwoman Linda Jenkins covering the topics that will be addressed in the special meeting…

This will be our second special meeting since my Chairwomanship, and I believe it is warranted. Thank you to all those who attended the December general meeting where we asked our school boards, Northshore School District, and Lake Washington School District speakers how the 45th LD can aid them. Please spread the message they asked, the truth, the facts on how the next stage of how the monies collected will be spent. We all live in an area where our property prices reflect the school districts, and as a realtor for 20 plus years, it is a privilege to live and work in a community where our democratic values are closely aligned.

The 45th LD special meeting will take a vote to consider endorsement of the February Levy and Bonds on the ballot on February 8th NSD and LWSD. Here are links with more information on the levies…

  • 2022 LWSD Levies. Additional information will be added here. If there are any questions, individuals can submit a Let’s Talk request.
  • LWSD Levy Presentation Request
  • This is run by the Lake Washington Citizen Levy Committee and is all YES campaign-related. It is where individuals can sign-up to volunteer, endorse the measures, donate to support the campaign, request yard signs, and the like.
  • NSD Bonds & Levies

Mark Stuart stepped forward at our December general meeting to be considered for 2nd Vice-Chair. Keith Krumm (1st VC) and I have chatted with him and think he will be an excellent fit for the executive board: personable, a team player, and a wealth of knowledge to grow the 45th LD. We will be considering his 2nd VC election for membership vote as well as anyone nominated from the floor. 

The State Supreme Court has ruled that the Redistricting Commission has turned in their homework in time and has accepted their maps. The State Legislators will more than likely accept the maps. There will probably be lawsuits filed, and those with challenges of the VRA (Voters Right Act) stand more of a chance of success. Once the legislators approve the maps (deadline February 10th), the 45-day clock starts on LD redistricting.

I have been redistricted into the 1st LD and am working with past and current members to ensure that I leave the 45th Chair in good hands. We will be having the redistricting reorganization meeting scheduled for the March 2022 general membership meeting. 

At the December 15 special meeting we will quickly update what is happening and the status if you are a PCO.

A few links I wanted to share that I obtained in State Meetings this week that may be of interest to some of you…

Approved Legislative District Map:

Approved Congressional District Map:

Good overview of the impact:

– Linda

Think & Drink after the Special Meeting

Immediately after the Special Meeting wraps up, stick around for a unique Think & Drink edition co-hosted by Linda Jenkins and Keith Krumm. The driver for the discussion will be the September New York Times article “Quiz: If America Had Six Parties, Which Would You Belong To?”