News from the 45th

Have an Impact on the Party Platform!

Every two years, Washington State Democrats hold a statewide convention during which our party’s platform and resolution are revisited to ensure that our party represents our values, goals and objectives. This year, you can participate in this process and help update the WA State Party platform. Here’s how: Become a Delegate to the WA 2022 Convention The 45th LD Democrats are allotted 26 delegates for the Convention. Until that number is filled, alternates are automatically promoted to delegate. We currently have 17 delegates. So, if you meet the criteria for alternate, you will automatically be deemed a delegate until we...

2022 Membership Drive

Join us! As a member of the 45th LD Democrats, you can vote on which candidates and ballot measures we will endorse. Those endorsements are then printed up in our endorsement guide, and distributed to thousands of households each year. In addition, you will vote on our legislative agenda, as well as which specific bills we will promote. And You can testify remotely or submit written testimony on the bills you care about. Stay Informed! Members get exclusive access to email bulletins with local political news, action items, meeting minutes, event information and more. New To This LD? Becoming actively...

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Coronavirus Resources Page is Now Live

We’ve launched a live-updating hub of all the information we have regarding COVID-19, with answers to questions, important news, and everyday actions you can take to protect yourself, your family, and your community.