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Washington State Legislature

Legislative Action Updates – 2023 Session

  The 45th LD Democrats Legislative Action Committee is tracking the bills listed below. The first table contains the bills that are currently active, followed by the table of bills that did not pass the house of origin. For full, up-to-the-minute status, click on the bill ID. The Legislative Session Ends on April 23rd The House is voting on bills that the Senate has passed. Once they are passed by the house, they will become law. The status column will inform you when a bill has passed or failed. It will be updated daily until the end of the session....

2023 Membership Drive

Join us! As a member of the 45th LD Democrats, you can vote on which candidates and ballot measures we will endorse. Those endorsements are then printed up in our endorsement guide, and distributed to thousands of households each year. In addition, you will vote on our legislative agenda, as well as which specific bills we will promote. And You can testify remotely or submit written testimony on the bills you care about. Stay Informed! Fill out this form. to get exclusive access to email bulletins with local political news, action items, meeting minutes, meeting and event information and more....