Become a PCO

Precinct committee officers, or PCOs, are the lifeblood of our party. They serve as the conduit of communication between the 45th and their neighborhood Democratic voters and activists, and act as leaders and organizers for voters in their precinct. All Democratic PCOs in the 45th are part of the King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC), and participate in electing the leadership of the 45th District Democrats, including the chair, vice chairs, treasurer, secretary, and other officers.

PCOs carry out the following essential duties:

  • Follow current events and help elect Democratic and progressive candidates
  • Attend district meetings on a regular basis, and join in party events and activities
  • Participate in the reorganization of the King County Democrats at the end of each even-numbered year
  • Periodically canvass their precinct to identify Democrats within their neighborhood
  • Encourage voter registration within the precinct
  • Distribute election guides and voter information in advance of elections
  • Recruit volunteers and new members to the 45th District Democrats
  • Encourage voters to return their ballots at election time
  • Convene precinct caucuses at selected times (notably in presidential election years) for the purpose of electing delegates to legislative district caucuses and county conventions
  • Serve as a liaison between Democratic voters in the precinct and the Democratic Party

Would You Like to Become a PCO?

You can serve your community as the Democratic ambassador for truth, light, and the American way!

To be appointed as a PCO, download and print the PCO Application Form and attend a general meeting to indicate your interest. We will welcome you with open arms!

PCO Resources