Candidate Guidance

UPDATE: The deadline to submit your KCD questionnaire and contact us is 11:59 PM, May 10, 2024.

Thank you for running for public office!  To seek the 2024 endorsement of the 45th District Democrats:

  • Complete the 2024 King County Democrats candidate questionnaire.
  • Contact and let us know you seek our endorsement. The 2023 Chair of the Endorsements Committee is Aaron Schrader.
  • The 45th District Democrats’ Endorsements Committee will review your questionnaire responses and determine whether to interview you. If you will be interviewed, a representative of the Committee will contact you to schedule an interview. 
  • Endorsements are made by the membership of the 45th District Democrats at membership meetings. If the Endorsement Committee wishes to recommend you to the membership for endorsement, you will be apprised of the date and time of the meeting. You will have the opportunity to briefly address the membership for a specified duration determined by the Chair—generally 3 minutes. To be endorsed, 2/3 of the members present and voting must support the endorsement.  

See the full text of the 45th’s endorsement procedures. The procedures were last modified in 2022.