Executive Board

The 45th’s leadership team consists of the following individuals democratically elected by the precinct committee officers of the 45th District Democrats and those appointed by our chair.

Elected Officers

ChairDavid Williams
First Vice ChairAnnette Hamilton
Second Vice ChairTom Odell
State Committee MembersLinda Jenkins
Andrew Villeneuve
King County DelegatesAnnette Hamilton
Benjamin Berry
King County Delegate AlternatesKen Albinger
King County Young Democrats RepresentativeMike DeVine
King County Young Democrats AlternateTiffany Stoner
SecretaryRobin Barnes
TreasurerChristy Ackerman

Committee Chairs

Standing Committees

Communications ChairEvan Faas
Data Management ChairJodie Hastings
Fundraising ChairVacant (Apply Here!)
Membership ChairTom Johnston*
Outreach ChairJeanne Large*
PCO Support ChairTara Van Niman
Technology ChairMike DeVine

Temporary Committees & Other Non-Voting Positions

Bylaws and Rules Committee ChairNicolas Duchastel de Montrouge*
Endorsements Committee ChairNancie Boccio
Events and Logistics Committee ChairVacant (Apply Here!)
Legislative Action Committee ChairMichael Levenkov
Sergeant-at-ArmsBenjamin Berry

*Chairs for 2017-2018 cycle. District chair will make committee appointments for 2019-2020 cycle in early 2019. Learn more about our leadership roles.