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Officer Positions


Any resident of the District who considers themselves a Democrat is eligible to be nominated, elected, and serve in any elected officer position. Some positions may be subject to age and gender limitations.

Commitments, Travel, and Expenses

All officers are expected to attend at least two meetings per month: the 45th District Executive Board Meeting and the 45th District General Meeting. Many of these positions require attendance at additional meetings beyond the two monthly District meetings. Additional meeting requirements are listed in the position descriptions below.

Travel and other expenses associated with these roles are self-funded; the 45th District Democrats have no funds for reimbursement.


The Chair is the executive officer of the the 45th District Democrats. The Chair presides at all meetings, appoints all committee chairs and committee members, serves as the District’s spokesperson, and performs all duties customarily carried out by the executive officer of an organization.

The Chair is also expected to attend:

First Vice Chair

The First Vice Chair serves in the absence or incapacity of the Chair, acts as a third Alternate Representative or an alternate to the Chair at KCDCC meetings, and performs other duties as directed by the Chair. The First Vice Chair does not automatically succeed the Chair if that office becomes vacant. The First Vice Chair must be a different gender than the Chair.

Should the Chair be unavailable, the First Vice Chair is expected to attend:

Second Vice Chair

The Second Vice Chair serves in the absence or incapacity of the First Vice Chair and performs other duties as directed by the Chair. The Second Vice Chair does not serve as a fourth Alternate Representative, nor as alternate to the Chair at KCDCC, and does not automatically succeed the First Vice Chair if that office becomes vacant.

State Committee Members

There are two State Committee Member positions, limited by gender: one State Committee Member (female) and one State Committee Member (male). The State Committee Members represent the District organization at quarterly meetings of the Washington State Democratic Central Committee and report back to the membership. These meetings are held throughout the state and require travel.

King County Committee Members

There are four King County Committee Member positions, limited by gender: one King County Delegate (female) and one King County Delegate (male), plus one King County Delegate Alternate (female) and King County Delegate Alternate (male). Representatives to KCDCC represent the District at monthly meetings of the King County Democrats Executive Board and report back to the membership.

An Alternate is seated in the absence of a Representative or in the absence of both the District Chair and First Vice Chair.

King County Young Democrats Representative

There are two Young Democrats positions: a Representative and an Alternate. Candidates must be less than 36 years old. The Young Democrats Representative represents the District at meetings of the King County Young Democrats and reports back to the membership. The King County Young Democrats meet at least four times per calendar year but greater frequency is possible.

The Alternate is seated in the absence of the Representative.


The Secretary records the minutes of all District meetings, distributes copies of the minutes to the Executive Board, and performs other duties as directed by the Chair. The Secretary must commit to attend both the District Executive Board Meeting and General Meeting each month.


The Treasurer is responsible for the safekeeping of the organization’s funds; preparing checks for disbursement of funds; making monthly reports to the membership; submitting an annual report on the District’s fiscal health; and performing all functions normally attendant on the office, including strict adherence to the reporting requirements of Washington’s public disclosure laws.

Standing Committees

Standing committee chairs are appointed by the District Chair and are members of the Executive Board. Committee chairs are expected to attend the 45th District Executive Board Meeting and the 45th District General Meeting, as well as any committee-specific meetings identified as part of the work of that committee.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall work with the Executive Board and provide communications based on District endorsements, Board action, and initiatives undertaken by the Board. The Committee maintains our website, keeps an active social media presence, sends emails, places notices in local papers, and issues communications not issued by the District Chair.

Data Management Committee

The Data Management Committee updates and maintains our voter database and works closely with committees like PCO Support and Communications, providing data for canvassing and outreach efforts.

Labor Relations Committee

The Labor Relations Committee stays current with all state and national labor issues and legislation and informs the membership when actions need to be taken.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to inform members of renewal deadlines and encourages new members to join at each monthly General Meeting. Membership is one of our basic fundraising and involvement tasks.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee works District-wide and in cooperation with the King County Democrats to register voters, train volunteers, and involve those not currently well-represented.

PCO Support Committee

This Committee is composed of District Area Mentors and works to recruit and inspire our PCOs to actively canvass their precincts. One Mentor chairs this Committee.

Temporary Committees

Temporary committees are formed as necessary. Temporary committee chairs are appointed by the District Chair and are not members of Executive Board. Committee chairs are expected to attend any committee-specific meetings identified as part of the work of that committee.

Bylaws and Rules Committee

The Bylaws and Rules Committee reviews and proposes updates to the 45th’s bylaws and rules that govern our membership meetings and other regular activities.

Caucus Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee prepares to register caucus attendees. They work to contact, provide credentials for, and list delegates, alternates, and members who are eligible to vote at District, County, and State caucuses and they provide information to the Washington State Democratic Party Credentials Committee.

Caucus Platform and Resolutions Committee

The Platform Committee drafts and presents a proposed platform for the legislative district caucus to discuss and adopt; the Platform Committee also considers and provides feedback on resolutions to be submitted during the caucuses.

Caucus Rules Committee

The Rules Committee recommends a package of rules to guide the  legislative district and precinct caucus processes, in line with Washington State Democratic Party’s rules.

Endorsements Committee

The Endorsements Committee is responsible for vetting candidates, evaluating ballot measures, and making endorsement recommendations to the membership. For any given race or ballot measure, the Committee will only recommend one candidate or position. At its discretion, the Committee may produce questionnaires, hold candidate interviews, and/or schedule discussions between rival candidates seeking endorsement.

Events and Logistics Committee

The Events and Logistics Committee is responsible for securing and preparing venues for large events, including precinct and legislative caucuses.

Legislative Action Committee

The LAC works to inform and call the membership to action in support or opposition of bills and ordinances in the State Legislature, County or City Councils, School Boards, and other local governments within the District.

Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs)

PCOs represent their neighborhoods to the District Democrats. They bring the thoughts and feelings of their neighbors to the District and disseminate information to their neighbors about issues, candidates, and actions that are under consideration. When PCOs go to their neighbors to recommend endorsed candidates and issues, they are representing the 45th District Democrats and must accurately represent the endorsed candidates and issue positions taken by the District.

PCOs may recruit other neighbors to aid in their precinct work (forming a committee).  The 45th District Democrats expect their PCOs to walk and/or call their precinct at least twice each year to discuss issues, recommend endorsed candidates, and get them to vote ahead of elections. Only elected PCOs are empowered to elect District officers and to recommend appointed replacements for District elected officials who cannot complete their terms.

PCOs are elected by the voters of their precinct in even years for duty the following two years. PCOs may also be appointed to serve in their precinct if no one has been elected. If their precinct is already represented by a PCO, volunteers may be appointed to serve another nearby precinct.

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