Keep the 45th Blue in 2024!

Please join our 2024 Fundraising Drive!

These funds will allow us to…

  • Reach 45,000 households with Endorsement Guides
  • Text our Members with updates
  • Return to an In-Person Monthly Meeting with a Zoom Option.
  • Provide an In-Person Caucus for the 45th Democrats.

To Donate, click here or Mail checks to:

45th District Democrats
P.O. Box 2784
Redmond, WA 98073

Your donation will …

  • $45 = Send Endorsement Guides to 50 households!
  • $100 = Send Endorsement Guides to 120 households!
  • $200 = Pay for an In-Person Meeting for the 45th Democrats!
  • $500 = Send Endorsement Guides to 600 households OR pay for 2.5 In-Person Meetings for the 45th Democrats!
  • $1000 = Send Endorsement Guides to 1200 households OR pay for 5 In-Person Meetings!

We are working toward a more progressive future, from tackling climate change to protecting and expanding on civil rights and workers’ rights. Real change starts from the ground up.

Real change starts with you!

Help support our work electing progressives, pushing for legislative action, educating activists, and establishing Washington State as a safe haven for Democratic values.

And,if you live within the boundaries of Washington’s 45th Legislative District, please consider becoming a member look here for membership information or Join up!