Get out YOUR Vote!

Chances are good that you now have your August primary ballot. Here’s a quick overview of key dates and ways to support the 7 candidates and ballot initiatives endorsed by the 45th Democrats.

Key dates for the August 3 primary
  • July 14: primary ballots mailed
  • July 15: ballot drop boxes open
  • July 26: deadline to register or update your registration online or by mail
  • August 3: last day to register in person and vote in the primary
  • August 3: ballots must be postmarked today or returned to a ballot drop box by 8pm (click here to find the closest drop box location)
  • More detail here
Other resources from King County Elections that you may find useful
What you can do to help elect Democrats

Turnout is key, especially in odd year primary elections. Per results from King County Elections, turnout for the November general elections in Presidential years is consistently 80-85%. Turnout in odd year primaries drop to 25-35%. Here are two ways for you to get involved, beyond posting your ballot by the August 3 deadline…

  • Volunteer for the campaigns of 45th endorsed candidates. You can fill out a form from the 45th Volunteer Committee to indicate what you’re interested in doing. You can check in with our list of volunteer opportunities to support the campaigns of candidates endorsed by the 45th. You can also email the 45th Volunteer Committee at [email protected].
  • Spread the word. Nothing is more persuasive than a strong word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted friend. So think of 3 or more persuadable voters that you can reach out to and make sure they vote in the August primary. Share with them the list of candidates endorsed by the 45th Democrats. 

Let’s work together to do all we can to support our endorsed candidates in the August primaries and set them up for success in the November elections!

Candidates and ballot initiatives endorsed by the 45th Democrats

King County Council, Position 3: Sarah Perry
King County Proposition No. 1: Best Starts for Kids
Northshore School Board, Position 1: Jackie McGourty
Northshore School Board, Position 4: Sandy Hayes
Northshore School Board, Position 5: Amy Cast
Redmond City Council, Position 4: Melissa Stuart
Sammamish City Council, Position 1: Tarik Hassane