Wonderful Election Results in the 45th Legislative District

A post-election recap from longtime 45th LD member Ken Albinger…

Madam Chair,

I recommend that we trumpet and celebrate our election victories in this important bench building year. Now that the election returns are almost finalized, the numbers are clear:

In our top priority race for King County Council District #3 our endorsed candidate won decisively; congratulations to Sarah Perry for declaring early, working hard these past two years and running a whirlwind, strong and inclusive race to beat a 5-term incumbent. We look forward to Sarah turning the Council around on the Adult Beverage Ordinance and bringing many other issues of importance to the Council.

Congratulations to Rod Dembowski for his re-election to District #1. Rod is our progressive leader in the Woodinville portion of the 45th.

In Sammamish our endorsed candidates won three of the four City Council seats…

  • Congratulations to Amy Lam in Position #1
  • Congratulations to Kali Clark in Position #5
  • Congratulations to Karen Howe in Position #7

We are on our way to rebuilding a representative and responsive City Council in our still newest city on the Eastside. And our thanks to Pam Stuart, Jason Ritchie and Tom Odell who served us tirelessly in the minority these past two years.

In Woodinville our endorsed candidates won three of the four contested seats for City Council (and counting)…

  • Congratulations to Michelle Evans in Position #1
  • Congratulations to Sarah Arndt in Position #5
  • Congratulations to James Randolph in Position #7
  • And we eagerly await Robin Lynn White’s race with the final counting of all the votes in her close race

We are on our way to rebuilding a representative and responsive City Council in our smallest Eastside city. Our thanks to Susan Boundy-Sanders who persevered and Paula Waters who served the last two years in the slim minority. And thank you Susan and Nicolas Duchastel for their hard work in turning the city awareness around to be able to elect such good new candidates.

In the Lake Washington School District our endorsed candidate won and a surprisingly good candidate won without our endorsement…

  • Congratulations to Mark Stuart in Position #4
  • Congratulations to Leah Choi in Position #3. Leah decisively beat the incumbent Cassandra Sage on the issues.

In the Northshore School District all three of our endorsed candidates won re-election to keep the district in good stewardship…

  • Congratulations to Jacqueline McGorty in Position #1
  • Congratulations to Sandy Hayes in Position #4
  • Congratulations to Amy Cast in Position #5 in the closest race

And all three of our endorsed candidates at the Port of Seattle won…

  • Congratulations to Ryan Caulkins in Position #1
  • Congratulations to Hamdi Mohamed in Position #3
  • Congratulations to Toshiko Grace Hasegawa in Position #4

This year has been one of our best years in the last many cycles of electing new strong candidates to our Cities, County and the Port.

And thanks to all our PCOs and activists for your good work for the candidates and in our general canvassing efforts. We have built one of the strong Eastside Legislative Districts. After redistricting we will regroup and continue the good work next year.

– Ken

Editor’s note: To Ken’s wonderful recap, we would also like to acknowledge the 5 endorsed candidates in Kirkland who won re-election…

  • Congratulations to Jay Arnold in City Council Position #1
  • Congratulations to Penny Sweet in Position #3
  • Congratulations to Neal Black in Position #5
  • Congratulations to Jon Pascal in Position #7
  • Congratulations to John Olson as Judge in Kirkland Municipal Court

And also congratulations to Melissa Stuart, newly elected to Redmond City Council Position #4.