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45th District Democrats of Washington State: Our 2018 Platform

Our 2018 Platform

Adopted as amended at our legislative district caucus on March 24, 2018, at Juanita High School in Kirkland, Washington. In this time of unprecedented partisanship in our country, we, the 45th District Democrats, believe we have a duty to heal divisions and provide initiatives that support and assist solving the problems our communities face. We believe that every individual, every elected position, every Board, and every Commission matters. Everything we do makes an impact. We believe that our elected officials must work to support and assist We the People by fighting to enact and protect the following policies: Elections &...

March 24: 2018 Legislative District Democratic Caucus

2018 45th Legislative District Caucus

Midterm caucuses are coming! Join us to elect delegates to the state convention; adopt a platform; consider resolutions; and hear from candidates for office, including 45th LD state House and Senate seats and 1st and 8th CD House seats. Any registered Washington voter who considers themselves to be a Democrat and is willing to state that publicly may participate.

What to Expect at your LD Caucus

The caucus process at the legislative district level is time consuming; you should expect to spend the day at the caucus.  There are several activities that must be completed for the caucus to be a success. Registering and credentialing around 1,200 people will take a significant amount of time. It is highly recommended that you arrive early.  To be certain you receive your credentials, make sure you arrive for registration prior to 1:00 p.m.  Completing and printing the online pre-registration form will help this process be as smooth and fast as possible, but you will still need to check in...

2016 Democratic Caucus & Convention Cycle

Be sure to save these important dates! Each even-numbered year, the Democratic Party holds caucuses and conventions to elect delegates and hear from candidates, as well as adopt resolutions and agree on a platform at the county and state levels. All Washingtonians who identify as Democrats are encouraged to attend these events, particularly the presidential precinct caucuses, which happen first on March 26th. There will be five events in this year’s caucus and convention cycle: the precinct caucuses on Saturday, March 26th, at 10 AM; the legislative district caucuses on Sunday, April 17th at 1 PM; the King County Democratic...

2016 Democratic Caucus

SAVE THE DATE: The 2016 precinct caucuses are almost here

On Saturday March 26th, the Democratic party will be holding precinct caucuses across our state. Precinct caucuses are the first step in determining who will become the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. If you are a resident of Washington state, this is YOUR chance to support your preferred candidate and ensure they have a chance at becoming President of the United States — so save the date and plan to participate! *** IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE CAUCUSES *** WHEN to Caucus: Saturday, March 26th – 10:00AM WHO can Caucus: Registered voters who consider themselves to be...