Support for Credit Unions, Community Banking, and Members of The Global Alliance for Banking on Values

WHEREAS Credit Unions are defined as “not-for-profit organizations owned by all of its members…Credit unions focus on helping their members save and borrow and receive affordable financial services”;

WHEREAS Community banks are defined as those that “serve businesses and consumers throughout the country, in both rural and urban areas, and are leading provider of credit to small businesses. In general, community banks can be defined as those owned by organizations with less than $10 billion in assets.” And, where Washington residents hold a minimum 51% ownership interest, or where the residents hold a direct controlling interest or are the majority beneficiaries of an entity, or a combination of those mentioned in this paragraph.

WHEREAS the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (“GABV”) is a “global movement of banking change makers…Members and partners understand that profit is a consequence of doing the right thing and not an overarching objective. Dignity, social, economic and environmental focus and close connectivity to communities are a standard lens through which GABV members and partners view the world.”;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we, the 45th District Democrats, support Credit Unions, Community Banks, and Members of The Global Alliance for Banking on Values; and

THEREFORE BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that we, the 45th District Democrats, urge candidates for elected office, elected officials, and political committees to place their campaign funds with a Credit Union, or Community Bank, or a Member of The Global Alliance for Banking on Values.

Adopted 2/1/2017 by the 45th District Democrats of Washington State

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