45th LD General Meeting
January 4, 2023

Decision Summary

Adopted the meeting agenda (as updated)

Approved the minutes for last month’s meeting (December 2022)

Elected 45th LD Officers (2023-2024)

Chair – Karen Tennyson

1st Vice Chair – Kamil Zaidi

2nd Vice Chair – Sanaz Saadat

State Committee Male – Andrew Villeneuve

State Committee Female – Melissa Demyan

King County Democrats Committee Male – Vishal Misri

King County Democrats Committee Female – Celia Wu

King County Democrats Committee Alt Male – Ken Albinger

King County Democrats Committee Alt Female – Tara VanNiman

King County Young Democrats Rep – Kamil Zaidi

Secretary – Becky Chaney

Treasurer – Christie Ackerman

Appointed and Confirmed 45th
LD Committee Chairs

Legislative Action Chair – Ken Albinger

Finance Chair – Christy Ackerman

PCO Support Chair – Karen Tennyson

Administration and Rules Chair – Keith Krumm

Technology Chair – Martin Chaney

Communications Chair – Melissa Waldie

Other Business

Approved the 2023 Legislative Agenda