Track important WA State legislation – and make your voice heard!

Our Legislative Action Committee (LAC) works to inform and call the 45th membership to action in support or opposition of bills and ordinances in the WA State Legislature, county or city councils, school boards, and other local governments within the district. The LAC has spent weeks focused on building this year’s legislative agenda, poring over the various bills and initiatives proposed by House and Senate legislators in the current session. Visit the brand new Legislative Priorities web page to learn about the 19 bills across 8 different categories (Affordable & Sustainable Housing; Budget & Revenue Reform; Climate & Environmental Protection; Education; Electoral Reform; Healthcare; Police Accountability; and Technology). Each bill was highlighted as a priority by 40% or more among 45th LD Democrat survey respondents.

You can track this page for updates on the status of these bills. The LAC will also post updates to the 45th Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In addition to tracking a bill’s status, visit the WA State Legislature’s “Participating in the Process” web page with links to the 5 ways that you can voice your opinion…

  • Send an email to a member of the House or Senate
  • Send a message about a bill (note that the new Legislative Priorities web page has a Comment link next to each bill)
  • Submit written testimony on a bill
  • Testify in a virtual hearing
  • Get your position on a bill officially noted for the legislative record

And if you’re looking for an alternative to binge-watching Netflix, tune into TVW, Washington State’s public affairs TV network, on your laptop, cable TV, mobile phone, or Roku device. Learn more