The endorsement process begins anew

Fellow Members,

The vision of the 45th District Democrats: A diverse, engaged, educated, equitable, and healthy Eastside. We advocate for change, make endorsements, organize events, and support local, state, and national candidates and ballot measures.

There will be more than 100 elected positions connected to the 45th being contested during the current 2021-2022 election cycle. While not all candidates will be seeking endorsement from the 45th Endorsements Committee, for those that do…we will seek public commitments to the policy goals of the 45th and insist on accountability.

Our membership votes on the Endorsements Committee’s recommendation. Then we will campaign for our endorsed candidates (our 2020 Endorsement Guide is here) because we believe they will fight for implementing their commitments, and the 45th will hold them accountable when elected.

The Endorsements Committee is just getting started for the current cycle, and there are 23 committee members who are working diligently to bring to membership candidates that have been interviewed. The Endorsements Committee’s function is to advise and recommend to the membership, while the membership’s job is to decide who should be endorsed. Learn more about our endorsement process here and about committee opportunities here.

Few people get involved in a campaign because of the candidate; they do so because they want to win the policy goals they share with that candidate – the impact on their lives, the changes they seek in the world. The party’s base are the movements and organizations that animate door-belling, phoning, texting, voter turnout, awareness, and ultimately the power to win elections. The 45th will strengthen our endorsed candidates and work for their policy goals. We win elections and achieve major policy changes when our work as Democrats is shared.

In Solidarity,
Linda Jenkins she/her
Chair, 45th District Democrats