Endorsement Guide: 2020 General Election

Our full endorsement list for the November 3rd, 2020 General Election.

OCTOBER 14: Ballots mailed. Vote centers open.
OCTOBER 15: Ballot drop boxes open.
OCTOBER 26: Deadline to register or update your registration online or by mail.
NOVEMBER 3 – ELECTION DAY: Ballots must be postmarked or dropped off by 8 PM. Last day to register in person and vote.

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Federal Votes


President of the United States:
Joseph R. Biden (Democrat)

Joe Biden Endorsement Headshot

Former Vice President to Barack Obama, US Senator from Delaware, and public defender.

Website: joebiden.com

Vice President of the United States:
Kamala Harris (Democrat)

Kamala Harris Endorsement Headshot

The first Black and Indian woman Senator from California, and former California Attorney General.

Website: kamalaharris.com

U.S. Representatives

U.S. Representative, 1st Congressional District:
Suzan DelBene (Democrat)

Suzan DelBene Endorsement Headshot

In Congress, Representative DelBene has worked to relieve families suffering under COVID-19. She has first hand experience in immunology research from an earlier career in biotech, and is working to reduce drug prices, expand access to healthcare, access to rural medicine and telemedicine, and to make testing and treatment available to all afflicted with COVID, including the undocumented community who are facing additional barriers to care. She has fought for students, to reduce child poverty, and to implement nationwide vote by mail and campaign finance reform. Representative Suzan DelBene is a respected leader who uses her key role on the House Ways and Means Committee to deliver long-term results for all across this vast and economically diverse district.

Website: delbeneforcongress.com

Other Endorsement: delbeneforcongress.com/endorsements

U.S. Representative, 8th Congressional District:
Kim Schrier (Democrat)

Dr. Kim Schrier Endorsement Headshot

Pediatrician and US Representative, Dr. Schrier has worked for women’s reproductive rights, to reduce prescription drug prices, and to increase testing and PPE supply levels. She will fight for children, families, small business, and environmental protections. Schrier is the sole Pacific Northwest member of the US House Agriculture Committee. An enormous coalition of Democrats and progressive organizations came together in 2018 to help Schrier win this seat from GOP control, and this remains a key Congressional race in 2020.

Website: drkimschrier.com

Other Endorsement: drkimschrier.com/schrier-endorsements

State Votes

Referendum Measure No. 90:

The legislature passed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5395 concerning comprehensive sexual health education.

Website: approve90wa.org

Proposed Constitutional Amendment SJR 8212:

The legislature has proposed a constitutional amendment on investment of public funds.

Website: approve8212.com

Advisory Votes 32-35:

The Advisory Vote was created in 2007 by I-960 from Tim Eyman. It requires that any bill from the state legislature that increases revenue to a non-binding advisory vote, including self-funding projects and closing tax loopholes. These “advisory votes” are essentially push-polls, designed by Eyman to influence public opinion. They are deceptive and a waste of taxpayer money. We’ve endorsed a MAINTAINED vote on all 4 of these, and encourage the legislature to remove these in the future. For more information, visit Permanent Defense.

Statewide Offices

Jay Inslee (Democrat)

Jay Inslee Endorsement Headshot

Governor Inslee has a long history of protecting the people and environment in Washington State. As governor, he has invested in our students’ futures, and expanded health care, long-term care for seniors, paid leave, and renewable energy. During the ongoing health and economic crisis, Inslee’s strong leadership has been exemplary, taking us from being the first hard-hit state to leading by example in COVID-19 management and recovery. Governor Inslee has carefully navigated this crisis by consulting experts, providing honest and open information to residents, and making tough, smart decisions to protect the lives and wellbeing of Washingtonians.

Website: jayinslee.com

Lt. Governor:
Marko Liias (Democrat)

Marko Liias Endorsement Headshot

Marko Liias currently serves as the State Senate Majority Floor Leader and as a Professor at Everett Community College. He has previously served in the Washington State House of Representatives and on Mukilteo City Council. If elected, Marko Liias will be the first openly gay statewide offical in Washington. Liias led the effort to ban the dangerous practice of conversion therapy. He supports universal healthcare and has fought for labor, transit, action on climate change, ending the death penalty, and closing business tax loopholes. He has an ambitious plan to rebuild our economy and safety net in response to the current crises, and believes that every decision we make should be examined through the lenses of equity and social justice. He has earned the support of outgoing Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib. Liias is a true progressive who gets things done for Washington State.

Website: markoforwa.com

Other Endorsement: markoforwa.com/endorsements

Secretary of State:
Gael Tarleton (Democrat)

Gael Tarleton Endorsement Headshot

State Representative Gael Tarleton has 30 years of defense and intelligence experience. She considers our elections an essential public service and will fight to secure them. As State Representative from the 36th Legislative District since 2013, Tarleton has worked tirelessly to expand voting rights. Prior to that, Tarleton served five years as a Commissioner at the Port of Seattle, including serving two terms as Vice President of the Commission and one term as President. Tarleton’s goals as Secretary of State are focused on applying her experience to greatly improve election security and voter participation in Washington State.

Website: voteforgael.org

Other Endorsement: voteforgael.org/endorsements

State Treasurer:
Mike Pelliciotti (Democrat)

Mike Pelliciotti Endorsement Headshot

Mike Pellicciotti currently represents the 30th Legislative District in the State House, where he’s introduced successful legislation to increase campaign finance transparency for PACs, increase financial penalties for corporate crimes, and to get ‘dark money’ out of politics. Prior to that, Pellicciotti worked as an Assistant Attorney General, managing prosecution of corporate healthcare fraud and elder abuse, while returning over $30 million to taxpayers. As State Treasurer, Pellicciotti aims to provide greater financial transparency and ensure that our investments best serve the interests of workers and retirees in our state.

Website: electmikep.com

Other Endorsement: electmikep.com/endorsements

State Auditor:
Pat McCarthy (Democrat)

Pat McCarthy Endorsement Headshot

Incumbent Pat McCarthy has been hard at work improving cybersecurity and increasing performance audits of local and state government entities. In order to increase trust in government, she’s worked to improve transparency and accountability by creating an interactive website to explore government revenue and spending across the state. As State Auditor, McCarthy has led numerous investigations, including uncovering the largest fraud on record in the state.

Website: patmccarthyauditor.com

Other Endorsement: patmccarthyauditor.com/endorsements

Attorney General:
Bob Ferguson (Democrat)

Bob Ferguson Endorsement Headshot

As Attorney General, Bob Ferguson has fiercely protected consumers, victims, immigrants, veterans, the environment, and public safety. Ferguson has a 21-0 record against the Trump Administration, on issues including protecting immigrants, healthcare, consumer protections, LGBTQ+ rights, and net neutrality. Bob Ferguson is a skilled lawyer who time and again has stood up for the people of Washington and won.

Website: electbobferguson.com

Other Endorsement: electbobferguson.com/endorsements

Commissioner of Public Lands:
Hilary Franz (Democrat)

Hilary Franz Endorsement Headshot
©2019 Steve Dipaola

Commissioner Hilary Franz has implemented a proactive wildfire strategy, fought to prevent offshore drilling, worked to restore salmon, created a visionary climate resilience plan, and built strong working partnerships in rural and tribal Washington. Our six million acres of public lands provide revenue that schools and communities depend upon, and the clean energy that powers our lives. Commissioner Franz is a smart and energetic coalition builder with a deep understanding of Washington’s lands, coastal waters, and the wildlife, communities, and economies that depend upon them.

Website: hilaryfranz.com

Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Chris Reykdal

Chris Reykdal Endorsement Headshot

Superintendent Reykdal has worked hard to increase equity, resources, and outcomes for students of every background. He believes that education plays an essential role in our democracy. Under his leadership, Washington schools have achieved record high graduation rates, exceeded outcomes for students of color, poverty, and disability, increased teacher compensation, delinked standardized testing from graduation requirements, and improved our national ranking in math and language arts. Reykdal’s emphasis on rural and underprivileged student success has won broad and bipartisan support. He is the able, introspective leader we will need as our schools continue to grapple with issues of funding, social and economic justice, and public health.

Website: chrisreykdal.org

State Representatives

Legislative District 45 State Representative, Position 1:
Roger Goodman (Democrat)

Roger Goodman Endorsement Headshot

Representative Roger Goodman has spearheaded legislation to reduce gun violence, increase police accountability, reform criminal justice, and end the school-to-prison pipeline. He is an advocate for mental health, housing, students, seniors, and vulnerable people. Goodman is also an effective lawmaker – all 16 bills he introduced last session were signed into law. His priorities for the upcoming session include preserving and improving public education, improving housing affordability, and addressing the ongoing mental health crisis.

Website: rogergoodman.org

Other Endorsement: rogergoodman.org/endorsements

Legislative District 45 State Representative, Position 2:
Larry Springer (Democrat)

Larry Springer Endorsement Headshot

Representative Larry Springer is a fighter for values-based budgets that invest in Washington schools, public safety, and affordable healthcare. He will fight for families, small businesses, and a fair tax system. Larry served in the state legislature during the last financial crisis, and has the hard-earned experience to help Washington through the challenges brought on by COVID-19, from balancing the budget to keeping the safety net intact and providing economic opportunities for residents and small businesses.

Website: larryspringer.org

State Supreme Court

Justice Position 3:
Raquel Montoya-Lewis

Raquel Montoya-Lewis Endorsement Headshot
Courtesy of Office of / Gov. Jay Inslee

The first Native American Justice to serve on our state Supreme Court, and rated “exceptionally well qualified” by the King County Bar Association.

Website: justicemontoyalewis.com

Justice Position 6:
G. Helen Whitener

G. Helen Whitener Endorsement Headshot

Justice Whitener is rated as “exceptionally well qualified” by Washington Women Lawyers and by twelve separate bar associations.

Website: justicehelenwhitener.com

County Votes


More about King County Charter Amendments 1-7: charterforjustice.com

Charter Amendment No. 1:


Charter Amendment No. 2:

Disposition of Real Property for Affordable Housing

Charter Amendment No. 3:

References to Citizens

Charter Amendment No. 4:

Office of Law Enforcement Oversight – Subpoena Authority

Charter Amendment No. 5:

Making the King County Sheriff an Appointed Position

Charter Amendment No. 6:

Structure and Duties of the Department of Public Safety

Charter Amendment No. 7:

Prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Family Caregiver, Military or Veteran Status

Proposition No. 1:

Harborview Medical Center Health and Safety Improvement Bonds

Website: harborviewprop1.com

Superior Court

Judge Pos. 13:
Hillary Madsen

Hillary Madsen Endorsement Headshot

Attorney endorsed by outgoing Pos. 13 Judge Doyle. Madsen is also an active volunteer at two state correctional centers.

Website: hillaryforjudge.com

Judge Pos. 30:
Carolyn Ladd

Carolyn Ladd Endorsement Headshot

Ladd has 30 years of legal experience and currently serves as Vice President of Washington Women Lawyers.

Website: carolynladdforjudge.com

Municipal Votes

City of Kirkland

Proposition 1:

Levy Lid Lift for Fire and Emergency Medical Services and Facilities

Website: saferkirkland.org

How to Get Involved

There is a lot of work to be done in 2020. Now is the best time to get off the sidelines! We are powered by the work and voices of neighbors and community members like you!

Become a member or join us at our next monthly meeting. Guests are always welcome! You will have a chance to hear from guest speakers, candidates, and local elected officials .
Learn about opportunities to volunteer, or become a Precinct Committee Officer. Volunteers and PCOs are the backbone of the Democratic Party!

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