Volunteer & Training Sign-ups here!

A message from State Committee Member Linda Jenkins:

Thank you for your interest in moving the 45th Legislative District and the State Democratic Party to the next level with the continued volunteer hours that you have already given and the desire to do more. Our August and November elections rely on us to reach as many voters as possible. Because of social distancing, this is the most effective way.  These trainings with  Catherine “Cat” Floate,  (Regional Field Director | King County Washington State Democrats) present will help set up coordinated campaign trainings for our 45th Legislative District membership.  Please sign up.  Thank You!

Wednesday the 17th Phonebank Signup: https://secure.ngpvan.com/N1wDEicSJ06uQfdlezWKMQ2

Wednesday the 24th Phonebank Signup: https://secure.ngpvan.com/yJ4ehc4KkEKei8vHFijhcQ2

Saturday the 27th Training Signup: https://secure.ngpvan.com/TVCpIwyNwki6u3Cs1LnHLg2

General Signup Pagehttps://www.wa-democrats.org/organizingevents/