A Resolution Limiting Involvement of the DCCC in Democratic Primaries

Whereas the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is a political action committee (PAC) whose mission is to “elect Democratic House candidates every step of the way;” and

Whereas the DCCC is a PAC formed by House Democrats, not an official part of the Democratic Party; and

Whereas the DCCC uses individual ability to fundraise, not core Democratic principles and adherence to local and national Democratic platforms, as a deciding factor to choose which Democrats to support in primaries; and

Whereas the DCCC in several 2018 races is actively supporting more conservative candidates and even former Republicans over progressives; and

Whereas the DCCC has supported Democrats against other Democrats in numerous House races across the country, violating their mission of supporting Democrats; and

Whereas the DCCC has issued negative research material on viable Democratic candidates they are not backing; and

Whereas the DCCC’s methods have contributed to a net loss of 63 seats since the 111th Congress in 2009–2011, leaving the House Democrats in their worst position since the 80th Congress in 1947–1949; and

Therefore be it resolved that the DCCC should remain non-aligned during contested primaries between Democratic candidates; and

Be it further resolved that the DCCC is requested to focus its activities during contested primaries to activities that will benefit whichever Democrat is the eventual primary winner; and

Be it further resolved that the 45th District Democrats deliver a copy of this resolution to the Washington State Democratic Party and the DCCC.


Adopted 6/6/2018 by the 45th District Democrats. Resolution modeled after resolution passed by the 5th District Democrats.

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