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I-1600: Whole Washington Eastside volunteer kickoff

Meet other local universal healthcare activists, get signature gathering training and supplies, and brainstorm ways to fill petitions throughout May and June. Afterward, we’ll hit the streets and do our part to get universal healthcare on the ballot this fall. Learn more. 

45th District Democrats General Meeting

The first Wednesday of every month, the 45th District Democrats meet to hear from candidates and elected officials, act on endorsement recommendations, discuss pending legislation and ballot measures, and conduct Democratic Party business.

45th District Democrats of Washington State: Our 2018 Platform

Our 2018 Platform

Adopted as amended at our legislative district caucus on March 24, 2018, at Juanita High School in Kirkland, Washington. In this time of unprecedented partisanship in our country, we, the 45th District Democrats, believe we have a duty to heal divisions and provide initiatives that support and assist solving the problems our communities face. We believe that every individual, every elected position, every Board, and every Commission matters. Everything we do makes an impact. We believe that our elected officials must work to support and assist We the People by fighting to enact and protect the following policies: Elections &...

Whole Washington Fundraiser

Whole Washington is working to get single payer healthcare in WA with a statewide initiative in 2018. They need money to help fund an economic study to best show how to pay for single payer, an essential first step for putting forth an initiative.