Endorsements for 2012

The 45th District Democrats made the following endorsements for the 2012 election cycle.

Federal Office

Candidate Position
Barack Obama U.S. President
Maria Cantwell U.S. Senate
Suzan DelBene U.S. Representative, 1st Congressional District
Karen Porterfield U.S. Representative, 8th Congressional District


Statewide and State Level Office

Candidate Position
Jay Inslee Governor
Brad Owen Lieutenant Governor
Bob Ferguson Attorney General
Mike Kreidler Insurance Commissioner
Jim McIntire Treasurer
Troy Kelley Auditor
Kathleen Drew Secretary of State
Peter Goldmark Commissioner of Public Lands
Randy Dorn Superintendent of Public Instruction
Roger Goodman State Representative, Position 1 (45th Legislative District)
Larry Springer State Representative, Position 2 (45th Legislative District)


Judicial Office – Supreme Court and Superior Court

Candidate Position
Susan Owens State Supreme Court, Position 2
Steve Gonzalez State Supreme Court, Position 8
Sheryl Gordon McCloud State Supreme Court, Position 9
Suzanne Parisien King County Superior Court, Position 42



Countywide Office

Candidate Position
John Urquhart King County Sheriff


Ballot Measures

Measure Position
King County Proposition 1 – Children and Family Services Capital Levy YES
Initiative 1185 (Tim Eyman’s scheme to give Republicans veto power over the state budget) NO
Initiative 1240 (charter schools) NO
Initiative 502 (marijuana legalization) YES
Referendum 74 (marriage equality) APPROVE
8221 (constitutional amendment) NO
8223 (constitutional amendment) NO
Advisory Vote No. 1 MAINTAINED
Advisory Vote No. 2 MAINTAINED
Duvall Fire District Levy YES
Sammamish Advisory Vote YES
Kirkland Levy Prop. 1 YES
Kirkland Levy Prop. 2 YES