April 25, 2023 Special Election

Vote for King County Walk-in Crisis Care April 25, 2023

If approved, King County Proposition 1 would fund five walk-in crisis care centers, including one dedicated to youth.

It would include:

  • A countywide crisis care centers network
  • Mobile crisis care
  • Increased residential treatment
  • Post-discharge stabilization

Proposition 1 would authorize a nine-year property tax levy at $0.145 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, costing the owner of a $700,000 home about $100 next year. The levy would exempt eligible seniors, veterans, and disabled persons.

Today, there isn’t a single behavioral health walk-in crisis care center in all of King County. A person experiencing a health care crisis often ends up on the street, in a violent situation, injured, or in jail.

We can do better. Prop 1 is an excellent step toward humane treatment of those in crisis.

Spread The Word!

Nothing is more persuasive than a strong word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted friend. So think of three or more persuadable voters that you can reach out to and make sure they vote in the April 25th election.

Let’s work together to do all we can to support our citizens who are in need of care!