The Legislative Agenda for the 2022 Session

The Legislative Action Committee presents this year’s legislative agenda.

Here are the bills that the 45th LD Democrats elected to support and promote for the 2022 session. This year’s short Legislative Session ended on March 10, 2022, but you can still click on the links below to see how our bills fared.


  • SSB 5182: Repeal and Replace Advisory Votes on our ballots
  • E2SB 5188: Authorize a WA State Public Bank
  • SSB 5078 & HB 1164:  Firearm Safety – Limit Ammunition Magazines to 10 rounds 
  • HB 1169: Sentencing Enhancements- De-stack Weapons additions
  • SB 5933: Establish a School Seismic Safety Grant program
  • SB 5036: Allow Conditional Commutation of Sentences
  • SSB 5695: Drug-Free Prisons (with Drug addiction programs)