Goodbye April, Hello May

Racism permeates every aspect of United States society. It is on display in all of our institutional systems: justice, voting, health care, public works, and education. I recognize that I hold a privileged position and have the ability and duty to effect change – I take that responsibility seriously.

I approach this particular moment in history with empathy and solidarity for marginalized communities. I do not know what it is like to stand in all of your shoes, but I want you to know that you do not stand alone.

We are witnessing the involvement of legislation passed by our elected officials and the involvement of newly elected candidates that represent the look of our communities and a ‘movement culture’… a movement culture that teaches that an election is a benchmark of our strength, and that our hope belongs to each other. Creating this culture starts with how we position our candidates.

Winning elections gives us the power to govern. It also builds the legitimacy of our institutions. But if we want to be able to win in the next election and the next one after that – and if we want to be able to withstand the losses in between the victories and learn from them – then the strength of our institutions matters just as much as any one victory.

Your Endorsements Committee is seeking policy commitments from candidates – responses to questions about what they will do, not just their opinions or beliefs. Bravo to the Endorsements Committee for going the extra mile during candidate interviews. Case in point: Dow Constantine agreed that the King County will “stand down” its legal defense of the misguided “Adult Beverage Ordinance” that threatens our rural lands – the heart of the 45th District – while it revises the Ordinance.

Kudos to the Legislative Action Committee for picking up the work of sending our 45th approved resolutions to our elected leaders, and then being in a position of holding them accountable for their actions on same. Helping to share the load of others whilst their own committee work is in demand.

Thank you to those that have stepped up to be part of the leadership team. I value each and every one of you – the 45th is fortunate.

Utilizing the free training of the T3 Best Practices Institute, which had many 45th members participate in their 6 week PCO webinar series. Thank You. PCO training prepares us to be efficient and use the new tools that are now available to us – thank you to all those that have attended and will attend. Knowledge is Power.

Thank you to all those that stepped up and took a second look at our documents after the call to action in the March membership meeting. Giving vital input on transparency and procedures.

We all work together as a team to welcome members, retain members, enable them to volunteer in areas that bring them joy. We are all rowing in the same direction with different skillsets.

There are many opportunities available for getting involved, and as we endorse candidates more hands on deck are needed. Thank You.

In Solidarity,

Linda Jenkins (she/her)

Chair, 45th District Democrats