Want to register as a Delegate? Please read!

YOU can help shape the State Platform at the State Party Convention and elect Delegates to the Congressional level!

You can register to run as a Delegate here: Washington State 2020 Democratic State Delegate Registration. If you turn 18 on or before November 3, 2020, you can run!

In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, Washington State Democrats announced a new plan to select delegates for the Democratic Presidential Nominating Process, and it’s super easy!

There will be no in-person Legislative District (LD) Caucus.  Instead, Delegates to the Congressional District Caucuses and State Convention will be elected and appointed by the Precinct Committee Officers (PCO) of each LD.  Elected and Appointed PCOs are eligible to vote.

PCOs will be able to vote remotely and will not be required to attend an in-person meeting.

Washington State Democrats have also determined there will be no in-person Congressional Caucuses.

For the 45th LD, as with all other LDs, the Chair, Dave Williams, will serve as the communication focal point for the voting process.  Below is a calendar of important milestones:

April 15 Outreach to interested individuals to run for Delegate completed.
April 16 Official communication to participate in voting process distributed.
April 24 Delegate self-nomination process ends.
April 24 List of eligible PCOs to vote submitted to Washington State Democrats.
April 24 – 25 Delegate self nomination & digital ballots sent to LD chairs.
April 26 Voting period begins.
May 3 Voting period ends.
May 4 – 7 Tally of votes.
May 8 Final deadline for verification of Washington State Democrats’ tabulation.

Please check back here for further updates as the details of this new process gets sorted.  Onwards to November!