UPDATED! 45th LD Telephone Town Hall Audio Recording Available Now!

Sen. Manka Dhingra, Rep. Roger Goodman, and Rep. Larry Springer discussed the 2020 Legislative Session, priority legislation and issues important to the 45th.  They also shared the work of the Legislature’s many standing committees, and the developing and passing bills that address the important issues we face in our great state of Washington.

Our 45th LD legislators answered nearly 20 questions from their constituents on a wide range of topics:  special education and education funding; car tabs and transportation budget; cost of living adjustments (especially for retired teachers); residential solar power incentives; recycling, now that China is not accepting our plastic any more; local roads closing (specifically 244th in Sammamish) and rapid development causing mudslides & erosion; state income tax (or a progressive tax system); where do marijuana taxes go; ICE access to courts; universal healthcare, insulin, and bills limiting the cost of prescription drugs; homelessness; business incentives to stay in the 45th; privacy and security of employee data; property tax and senior exemptions; net neutrality; and much more!

You can hear the entire recording of the Telephone Town Hall here: 45th LD Telephone Town Hall