Join the Platform Committee!

What is the platform?

The platform is a statement of our values and policy goals as an organization, and is updated in even years during the legislative district caucus. You can find our current platform at

What does the platform committee do?

The platform committee writes the draft platform. We’ll do that through discussion in the committee, and by seeking input from our membership. Then, at the LD caucus, Democrats from the 45th will have a chance to make certain types of edits. Finally, they’ll vote on whether or not to approve the platform.

Should I join?

Yes. If you’re a Democrat living in the 45th, and you’re wondering whether or not you should join, the answer is yes.

Really? I’m not sure I can make all the meetings!

That’s OK! We want your input, and perfect attendance is not required.

But I’m not an expert!

None of us are, and that’s fine! As residents of the 45th, we all have different perspectives on what is and isn’t working here; the goal of the Platform Committee is to help make sure those perspectives are all integrated into the platform.

You seem desperate for members – why’s that?

This is a statement as our values as a whole, so we want to get a large sampling of our members together to talk about it.

When do we start?

Now. The platform will be finalized during the LD caucus on April 26th, which is a lot sooner than you think.

When and where will we meet?

We’re going to hold a kickoff meeting on Saturday, September 14th in Kirkland. Part of the agenda for the kickoff meeting will be negotiating on meeting times, but we anticipate they’ll mostly be on weekends, and probably mostly at libraries in the 45th.

Ok, ok, I’ll sign up!

Great – fill out this form, and we’ll send you details for coming to the kickoff meeting!