2022 45th District Reorg—What to Expect

So you’re interested in running for the Executive Board

That’s great! The 45th encourages our members to get involved! What you can do for further information:

  • Click here to see the list of positions, along with a description of each
  • Send an email to the current Chair and Secretary to:
    • Have the current Chair get in touch to discuss further
    • Get connected with the current office holder for more information

Now you’ve decided to run

Excellent, here’s where it gets interesting! You have options (none of these are required). Email the Reorg Committee to:

  • Get your name on the ballot
  • Get listed, along with an optional statement, on this page
  • Get contact information for your ‘constituents’, the PCOs of the 45th

NOTE: It is not required to give notice that you will be running. You may arrange to have yourself nominated during the meeting, with no advanced notice, when the call for nominations is announced

What happens at the meeting

The reorg will take place at the January General Meeting, Wednesday January 6, 2021. This will be the process for each Executive Board position:

  • Call for nominations (nominator may give a two-minute speech) and seconds
  • When all nominations have been heard:
    • Candidates speak – limit of five minutes for Chair, three minutes for all other positions
    • Vote (PCOs only) is conducted via Zoom poll

For two of the Executive Board members, Secretary and Treasurer, the process will be the same except:

  • Vote is by entire membership

Prepare for the meeting

Preparation, although optional of course, is always a good thing!

  • Write your stump speech. As noted, there are time limits
  • Market yourself. See above (Now you’ve decided to run) for options
  • Line up your nominator. Email the Reorg Committee if you want to arrange for someone specific

For Members & PCOs – Voting process

You must be present at the meeting to vote. Here’s what will happen when the call to vote is announced for each position:

  • Those not eligible to vote will be placed in the Zoom Waiting Room
  • An attendance poll will be launched. Everyone is required to answer the poll so that we have a record of all credentialed voters
  • A poll will be launched with the names of the nominees plus an ‘abstain’ option. Everyone is required to answer the poll (vote) so that we are assured that everyone had the opportunity to vote
    • Your vote will be anonymous
    • If you cannot use the poll, we will handle this on a case by case basis
  • Attendees will be returned from the waiting room
  • The winner (determined by a simple majority of those not abstaining) will be announced

Committee interest?

Perhaps one of the committees you see listed has you intrigued. If you’d like to join a committee, please email the Volunteer Committee.