2021 45th District Reorg—What to Expect

So you’re interested in running for the Executive Board

That’s great! The 45th encourages our members to get involved! What you can do for further information:

  • Click here to see the list of positions, along with a description of each
  • Send an email to the current Chair and Secretary to:
    • Have the current Chair get in touch to discuss further
    • Get connected with the current office holder for more information

Now you’ve decided to run

Excellent, here’s where it gets interesting! You have options (none of these are required). Email the Reorg Committee to:

  • Get your name on the ballot
  • Get listed, along with an optional statement, on this page
  • Get contact information for your ‘constituents’, the PCOs of the 45th

NOTE: It is not required to give notice that you will be running. You may arrange to have yourself nominated during the meeting, with no advanced notice, when the call for nominations is announced

What happens at the meeting

The reorg will take place at the January General Meeting, Wednesday January 6, 2021. This will be the process for each Executive Board position:

  • Call for nominations (nominator may give a two-minute speech) and seconds
  • When all nominations have been heard:
    • Candidates speak – limit of five minutes for Chair, three minutes for all other positions
    • Vote (PCOs only) is conducted via Zoom poll

For two of the Executive Board members, Secretary and Treasurer, the process will be the same except:

  • Vote is by entire membership

Prepare for the meeting

Preparation, although optional of course, is always a good thing!

  • Write your stump speech. As noted, there are time limits
  • Market yourself. See above (Now you’ve decided to run) for options
  • Line up your nominator. Email the Reorg Committee if you want to arrange for someone specific

For Members & PCOs – Voting process

You must be present at the meeting to vote. Here’s what will happen when the call to vote is announced for each position:

  • Those not eligible to vote will be placed in the Zoom Waiting Room
  • An attendance poll will be launched. Everyone is required to answer the poll so that we have a record of all credentialed voters
  • A poll will be launched with the names of the nominees plus an ‘abstain’ option. Everyone is required to answer the poll (vote) so that we are assured that everyone had the opportunity to vote
    • Your vote will be anonymous
    • If you cannot use the poll, we will handle this on a case by case basis
  • Attendees will be returned from the waiting room
  • The winner (determined by a simple majority of those not abstaining) will be announced

Committee interest?

Perhaps one of the committees you see listed has you intrigued. If you’d like to join a committee, please email the Volunteer Committee.

Current Candidate Statements

If provided, statements from candidates will be listed here. Other than the Chair, statements are listed in the order received.

Chair (the order of these statements was determined by a flip of the coin)

Linda Jenkins

My Core Democratic Passions:

  • Healthcare for All
  • Environmental Policy Changes
  • Economic Equity

My Goals as 45th Chair:

  • Be prepared, fulfill assignments, maintain a positive environment, and respect time commitments. 
  • Establish and Maintain a tight coordination of Neighboring LDs. I plan to propose a way to collaborate with neighboring LDs during this redistricting year. 
  • Build an inclusive membership that represents the diversity of our district. 
  • 2021 Chair Objectives: City Council Races, 3rd County Council District, ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, Redistricting, equitable participation, and leadership commitments. 
  • As Chair, I will serve each member with integrity and encourage engagement.

Nicolas Duchastel de Montrouge

Member since 2011 (naturalized), I fully engaged in 2016 as a Bernie delegate. I love being a PCO, especially during our 2017 campaign for Manka. I truly enjoyed the endorsement committee – I learned so much. 

The Chair’s role is to be a servant helping others: help keep our focus: winning local elections (2021) and mid-terms (2022). We have great volunteers who have shown us how much we can accomplish. I’ll listen to them and make sure they have what they need. I also want to bring new members and engage our existing PCOs. 

I respectfully ask for your support.

First Vice Chair

Second Vice Chair

State Committee Members

Annette Hamilton

It is my honor to have served you over the last several years as 45th Legislative District Dems 1st Vice Chair, representative to the King County Democrats, and PCO. I am running for State Committee Member to continue working to elect Democratic candidates that reflect our:

  • Diversity
  • Progressive values
  • Social equality

I have been endorsed by both current State Committee MembersAndrew Villeneuve and Linda Jenkins.

I encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback: [email protected]. I appreciate your vote.

Andrew Villeneuve

It’s been an honor to represent you on the Washington State Democratic Central Committee since 2013. I’m seeking another term and ask for your vote.

My priorities are:

  • Continue building the Advocacy Committee into a force for legislative action;
  • Ensure that our party is well prepared for the fallout from the redistricting process, and have a plan in place for a mid-cycle reorganization of all LDs if necessary;
  • Support the creation of a year-round organizing plan, with resources, for rural and purple areas;
  • Encourage other LPOs to adopt the 45th’s best practices, including our use of approval voting for endorsements.

King County Democrats Delegates & Alternates

Celia Wu

Hola! I was a long-serving PCO in the 45th, running precinct and assisting in LD caucuses when we use to have them, and went to State as an Obama delegate in 2007! In 2016 I moved to NYC for two years; I’m back and happy to be re-elected as PCO for my neighborhood, thank you! I volunteer on the Communications Team for the 45th and would like to do more to support the increased diversity and engagement in the 45th. If elected to represent the 45th with King County Democrats, I hope I can contribute to their communications committe as well. I would be honored to represent the 45th with King County Democrats. Gracias for reading!

King County Young Democrats Representative

Mike DeVine

Hello! I’m excited to be running for a second term as the 45th’s King County Young Democrats Representative! As the current KCYD At-Large Director East and a member for four years, I’ve cultivated a deep working relationship with the Young Democrats, and I hope to do even more in the post-COVID age. Thank you for your consideration!



Christy Ackerman

I am a lifelong Democrat. In 2016, I worked on the Hillary Clinton Campaign, became an LD Caucus Delegate, a CD Caucus Alternate, a County Convention Delegate, and was seated at the State Convention. In 2017 I worked on Manka Dhingra’s Senate campaign. In 2018, I became an Acting then Elected PCO, and worked with the State Coordinated Campaign, doorbelling for Manka and for Kim Schrier. I have been your Treasurer since January 2019, and am running for re-election. Operating in a pandemic will continue to challenge us as we work to elect Democrats to Municipal and County Offices, and to build our Democratic Bench. I would be honored to serve again, and ask for your vote.