Endorsement update and next steps

At last night’s monthly general meeting, we held three important endorsement votes.

Our members voted unanimously to follow the equally unanimous recommendation of our Endorsements Committee to endorse Matt Isenhower in the race for State Senator from the 45th.

With Matt representing us in Olympia, we can take a critical step forward towards getting the state government working again. The Republican Caucus in the Senate continues to block efforts to fully fund basic education, and won’t let needed legislation like paid sick days or the Reproductive Parity Act even come to the floor for a vote.

Matt will fight to make sure that we fully fund our education system, invest in transportation solutions, and stand up to the extremists currently controlling the Senate.

Early support for Matt is critical. We must invest in Matt’s campaign today so that others around the state will follow.

Please join us in supporting Matt’s campaign.

In addition to endorsing Matt, we also took positions on two initiatives: I-1329 and I-1325.

We endorsed a YES vote on I-1329, which calls for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that allows corporations to spend freely to influence elections, and previous Supreme Court decisions that give corporations the same rights as natural persons and equate money to speech.

To learn more and to support the YES on I-1329 campaign, visit WAmend.

We endorsed a NO vote on I-1325, which is Tim Eyman’s latest attempt to sabotage our cherished tradition of majority rule. I-1325 would eliminate $1 billion in funding for our schools every year beginning in 2015 by slashing the sales tax unless the Legislature votes to amend the Constitution to require two-thirds votes of each house to raise revenue.

Such an amendment would make it extremely difficult to ever eliminate corporate tax breaks or close tax loopholes.

Please remember these endorsements as you begin talking with your friends and neighbors about the election this year.

Thank you for being such an engaged and active community – and see you March 9th for our legislative district caucus!