Primary Election Day 2022

On Tuesday, August 2, 2022 there will be a Primary Election conducted entirely by mail. Primary ballots were mailed on July 13th.

Here’s a quick overview of key dates and ways to support the candidates endorsed by the 45th Democrats.

Key dates for the August 2 primary

Other resources from King County Elections

Spread The Word!

Nothing is more persuasive than a strong word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted friend. So think of three or more persuadable voters that you can reach out to and make sure they vote in the August primary. Share with them the list of candidates endorsed by the 45th Democrats listed below.

Let’s work together to do all we can to support our endorsed candidates in the August primaries and set them up for success in the November elections!

Candidates endorsed by the 45th Democrats

United States Senator:
Patty Murray

United States Congress WA-01:
Suzan Del Bene

United States Congress WA-08:
Dr. Kim Schrier

Washington Secretary of State:
Steve Hobbs

King County Prosecuting Attorney:
Leesa Manion

Washington State Senate, LD-45:
Manka Dhingra

Washington House, LD-45, Position 1:
Roger Goodman