Democracy Lobby Week and Legislative Updates

Fellow Democrats,

Don’t forget to register for Democracy Lobby Week – Feb 22-26! It will be packed with great information to expand your democracy knowledge and impact. Not only will you get the latest information and status on current democracy bills and how you can help move those forward, but you will also hear from legislators, experts on a variety of important topics, and those most impacted. Register @:

Representative Debra Entenman is leading the charge in the 2021 legislative session to hold police accountable with House Bill 1267. HB 1267 would establish an Office of Independent Investigations within the Office of the Governor for the purpose of investigating deadly force incidents involving peace officers. Learn more about HB 1267 and Rep. Entenman’s most recent work in the legislature on this week’s episode of Democracy on Demand. Our own Roger Goodman is thanked and was a vital player in this House Bill.

During the pandemic, Washington state continues to be the model for our nation when it comes to Coronavirus relief. This week, our legislature approved House Bill 1368 — $2.2 Billion in COVID-19 relief. Once Governor Inslee signs the bill, this aide will take effect immediately due to its emergency status.

Here’s a breakdown of what HB 1368 will do:

$618 Million – Vaccines, testing, and contact tracing

$668 Million – support for WA schools

$365 Million – rental assistance

$240 Million – small business grants

$70 Million – undocumented immigrant fund

$50 Million – Childcare assistance

$26 Million  – Food assistance

At the 45th, we believe in making our communities safer and healthier.  Please join us as a volunteer in the 45th as many hands make light work and helping others release endorphins.

In Solidarity,

Linda Jenkins

45th District Democrat Chair