Inauguration Day Message

Today let us reset the National Clock. We will all look back and remember the  sigh of relief we gave as the new President swears his Oath – where we were and  how we felt.  

This day will go down in history after the deplorable acts of the last four years.  The 45th should leave in shame knowing that his actions had cost some  Americans their lives but he is incapable of that. 

Let us all really listen to the words of the 46th, hear his call to action and be part of  the change that our Country really needs – we can all make a difference.  

We are the change for the greater good, every time we listen to those who get  their news from alternative sources and patiently listen with empathy before we  correct with facts. Each of us can make a difference in our own way. 

I am looking forward to this time change with you all – it is a meaningful moment in history. I feel privileged to be your guide in the 45th. 

Let us all enjoy this joyful day; we all deserve this victory we helped occur!

In Solidarity,

Linda Jenkins (she/her)

Chair, 45th District Democrats