Post-Election Message from Our Chair

Discouraged that we lost the Presidency and failed to regain the Senate?
Worried that Trump will get to pack the court and send us to a 20-year minority?

Come get involved with the local Democrats! We are organized, informed, and have a plan for working each election to maximize the votes our district. We elect good candidates and support good policies. For specific ways to get involved, visit our Facebook page, our website, and come join us for our general meetings the first Wednesday of the month.

You will find progressive and mainstream Democrats working to raise the minimum wage;
obtain paid sick time and vacations for full-time workers; fully fund education; reduce our carbon
footprint; improve voter registration and participation; and build a working majority in the State Senate.

Come lend a hand and learn to turn your desires into political power!

Ken Albinger, Chair
45th District Democrats