The 45th’s Endorsements Committee recommends Rick Leo for King County District Court, NE Electoral District, Position 3

The following is the text of the 45th District Democrats Endorsement Committee’s recommendation for King County District Court, Northeast Electoral District, Position 3.

All three candidates for this position, individually, qualify for our endorsement, but after much discussion the majority of the committee recommends Rick Leo for this position. Not only has Rick had extensive experience in all three disciplines of defender, prosecutor, and pro tem judge, he gets that he is a public servant and understands that the people coming before him are regular citizens who are often intimidated by the court process. In talking with Rick, it came across that he is a proactive judge willing to offer help and guidance to those appearing before him. He has the demeanor and personality to make people feel at ease during what could be a difficult experience.

Rick Leo has a B.A. and Masters of Criminal Justice 1993 JD Catholic Univ. WA DC 1997. Rick received Exceptionally Well Qualified Ratings from two bar associations and three Well Qualified ratings.

Rick’s experience coupled with his commitment to a more compassionate, balanced, fair and service oriented approach will, we feel, bring more access for many who use the District Courts. We recommend Rick Leo for King County District Court, Northeast Electoral District Position 3.