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45th District Democrats of Washington State: Open Letter

An Open Letter to Democrats in King County

We, the 45th District Democrats, are appalled by what transpired at the King County Democratic Central Committee meeting Tuesday, February 27, at which, after a 4.5 hour meeting, King County Democrats Chair Bailey Stober and the Executive Board passed a motion calling for a second, expanded investigation into the allegations of staff abuse and misappropriation of treasury funds against the chair. The investigation is to be conducted by a panel of five, including two persons chosen by the chair himself. It also calls for a secondary investigation into leaks to the press, a protected form of free speech. Chair Stober...

45th District Democrats of Washington State: Open Letter

A Letter to Puget Sound Energy CEO Kimberly Harris

Dear Ms. Harris: Thank you for committing to retire the two most toxic boilers at the Colstrip coal plant. This decision is a tremendous victory for our climate, and we commend PSE for its leadership in moving the Northwest beyond coal. We now urge PSE to commit to a 100% renewable energy and energy efficiency replacement for Colstrip and no new natural gas. Climate change is already disrupting everything from our water supplies to our food systems—fueling forest fires, damaging shellfish, and causing sea-level rise on our Pacific coast. We must transition off fossil fuels as quickly as possible to...

45th District Democrats of Washington State: Open Letter

An Open Letter to Senator Dino Rossi

The Washington State Senate passed a budget late at night this past Thursday, March 23, on a straight party line vote of Republicans that is terrible public policy. The budget writer is our State Senator Dino Rossi.  Now is the time to let him know that we are watching and don’t approve. Below is my letter to him.  Feel free to use as  much of it as you wish. Send it to [email protected]. Ken Albinger Chair 45th Democrats Senator Rossi, I am writing to express my extreme displeasure at the Senate budget you “authored line by line” and passed with...