Legislative Priorities 2023

(Proposed and Reviewed 1/2023)

  • Create the Washington State Investment Trust – our own publicly-owned state bank.
  • Repeal statewide “advisory votes” for bills that increase or recover revenue.
  • Provide more low income housing to ease the homeless crisis; adopt policies to increase attainable housing for the many that cannot afford market rates; reform zoning for
  • Ban the sale of assault weapons.
  • Initiate policies, funding, and training to address the behavioral health disorders for all WA residents.
  • Assure the full range of reproductive health care options for all WA residents; no insurance prohibitions.
  • Address Climate change in growth management and forest management in all our activities.
  • Improve working conditions and pay for social workers, teachers, mental health, and special ed.
  • Re-balance WA taxation across all income levels; add wealth tax of 1% above one billion.