2023 Membership Drive

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As a member of the 45th LD Democrats, you can vote on which candidates and ballot measures we will endorse. Those endorsements are then printed up in our endorsement guide, and distributed to thousands of households each year.

In addition, you will vote on our legislative agenda, as well as which specific bills we will promote. And You can testify remotely or submit written testimony on the bills you care about.

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New To This LD?

Becoming actively involved in the 45th is a great way to meet people, network with other activists, and make new friends. Join us to work on the issues that matter most to you, side by side with people who share your values.

What if I paid my 2022 LD membership dues in a different LD?

All of the Eastside Democratic LD organizations are working to ensure that paid member credentials will be transferred to the most current LD.

Sign Up!

To become a member, you need to either run for PCO, or pay dues as a member (or both!) Annual dues are $25 for individuals, $15 for seniors and students. (No one will be turned away. If dues are a hardship, please send email to the treasurer).

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