Have an Impact on the Party Platform!

Every two years, Washington State Democrats hold a statewide convention during which our party’s platform and resolution are revisited to ensure that our party represents our values, goals and objectives. This year, you can participate in this process and help update the WA State Party platform. Here’s how:

Become a Delegate to the WA 2022 Convention

The 45th LD Democrats are allotted 26 delegates for the Convention. Until that number is filled, alternates are automatically promoted to delegate. We currently have 17 delegates. So, if you meet the criteria for alternate, you will automatically be deemed a delegate until we reach our goal.

Who Can Run?

Any individual aged 15 or older who resides in the 45th LD and identifies as a Democrat is eligible to run and serve as a delegate to the State Convention.

Apply for Alternate

Apply for alternate using this form.

Submit a Resolution

Whether you are a delegate or not, you may submit a resolution to the convention committee for consideration at the convention.

How to submit a Resolution

To submit a resolution for consideration,
review the King County Democrats resolution rules and template

• The title of the resolution must be clearly and concisely stated at the beginning of the resolution.
• The resolution must be no more than two (2) pages in length.
• The resolution must contain at least two (2) “WHEREAS” statements identifying the situation to be addressed by the resolution. “Whereas” statements.

Click here to view the 45th LD Resolutions that have been adopted in previous years.

Submit the resolution using this form

WA Democratic State Convention

The Washington State Democrats Convention is both online and in-person this year. However, the window for of the online attendance options has closed. Therefore, the only option at this time is in-person.
Friday, June 24 to Sunday, June 26 is the WA State Democrats Convention weekend. While the actual convention is Saturday (and that’s when delegates and alternates are required to attend), there are optional events—like trainings and issue-centered caucuses—on Friday. Committee Members meet on Sunday.
Convention Details.