My thoughts on today’s results

Many of us are disappointed, although not surprised, in this afternoon’s impeachment result.

After today, please do not let 45 occupy any space in your head or your heart.

There is too much work to be done to bring this country together to tackle the problems we are facing: COVID-19, food insecurity, unemployment, healthcare, homelessness, immigration reform, support for small businesses, infrastructure, voter disenfranchisement, criminal justice reform, eradication of domestic terrorism, restoring our standing in the world and so many more policy issues.

In addition, we must rid our political system of the cowards who chose party over principle. We must work hard to find viable candidates that will work for the people who elected them. Politicians who are willing to speak up and speak out. We must get rid of Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Josh Hawley (MI), Ted Cruz (TX), Lindsey Graham (SC), etc. and that requires that we focus our energy on the future and not on the past.

History will tell his story and the stains of his actions will be forever debated by historians.

Time for us to move on, work on the Biden agenda and always remember how much your vote counts.

In Solidarity,

Linda Jenkins

45th District Democrats Chair