An Open Letter to Democrats in King County

We, the 45th District Democrats, are appalled by what transpired at the King County Democratic Central Committee meeting Tuesday, February 27, at which, after a 4.5 hour meeting, King County Democrats Chair Bailey Stober and the Executive Board passed a motion calling for a second, expanded investigation into the allegations of staff abuse and misappropriation of treasury funds against the chair. The investigation is to be conducted by a panel of five, including two persons chosen by the chair himself. It also calls for a secondary investigation into leaks to the press, a protected form of free speech.

Chair Stober refuses to temporarily step down or suspend any chair activities during this investigation under the guise of due process playing out. We believe, instead, that he is playing for time to exact improper influence on the investigation as well as using media outlets, including conservative talk radio, to publicly denounce those speaking against him.

Two of the three vice chairs who privately asked Chair Stober to resign have now themselves stepped down, rather than continue to work with him and the destructive public spectacle that the KCDCC has become, thanks in large part to Chair Stober’s conduct before and after the complaint. Other KCDCC board members are likely to follow.

Unfortunately, little attention has been given to the very disturbing financial issues also raised by the vice chairs.

It is our opinion that a county chair who truly cared about the party, the county organization, and the people we volunteer to serve would step down under these circumstances. While Chair Stober still occupies the position of chair of King County Democrats, individuals and organizations are less inclined to do business or work together with the organization, which endangers the good work we all try to accomplish on a daily basis.

Thus, the 45th District Democrats will make no further financial contributions to the KCDCC while Chair Bailey Stober holds his position. We encourage other Democratic legislative district organizations, and others, to take the same position as a matter of principle and practicality.

This letter was approved by unanimous vote of the membership of the 45th District Democrats at our March 7, 2018 General Membership Meeting.

Download a PDF copy.