An Open Letter to Senator Dino Rossi

The Washington State Senate passed a budget late at night this past Thursday, March 23, on a straight party line vote of Republicans that is terrible public policy. The budget writer is our State Senator Dino Rossi.  Now is the time to let him know that we are watching and don’t approve.

Below is my letter to him.  Feel free to use as  much of it as you wish.

Send it to [email protected].

Ken Albinger
45th Democrats

Senator Rossi,

I am writing to express my extreme displeasure at the Senate budget you “authored line by line” and passed with only Republican votes late last night.

The increase in homeowner’s property tax while reducing large corporate property taxes on Alaska Airlines, Boeing, and Walmart by the millions is terrible policy and shows you are not working for the people of this district.  Some homeowners in our district will lose their homes with this large property tax increase.

The cruel cuts to TANF, HEN, and other social programs will hurt the most vulnerable when the really need it.  And you told us you went through this budget line by line.

It’s clear that you won’t be running for re-election but you will leave the district worse off by your poor leadership.

Ken Albinger