The Stranger enthusiastically endorses the 45th’s nominees for Legislature

This week, The Stranger (Seattle’s most widely read alternative weekly) released its endorsements for the 2014 midterms. The Stranger Election Control Board – or SECB for short – offered ringing endorsements of the 45th’s nominees for Legislature. Here’s what they had to say about Matt Isenhower, Larry Springer, and Roger Goodman:

State Senator: Matt Isenhower

Sick and tired of Washington State’s ass-backward tax structure? Fed up with the underfunding of education and transit? Us too, as you may have heard, but we gotta wrest back control of the state senate from Republicans to do anything about it. Matt Isenhower—an Amazon manager and navy vet—at least gives us a shot. In the August primary, he wasn’t far behind Republican senator Andy Hill, who’s been writing terrible anti-human budget proposals. Vote for a pro-human state government. Vote Isenhower.

Representative Position No. 1: Roger Goodman

Roger Goodman is pro pot-legalization, he’s pro smart regulation of drones, and he sponsored a bill allowing police to seize weapons from alleged domestic abusers—a gun-control bill that passed! Republican challenger Joel Hussey has benefited from, and refused to condemn, sordid attack mailers from a political action committee that dredged up details from Goodman’s divorce. (Yes, the party of Reagan, Gingrich, Limbaugh, and Sanford is politicizing divorce.) Vote Goodman all the way.

Representative Position No. 2: Larry Springer

Beefing up funding for schools? Improving housing provisions for farmworkers? Supported by environmental and reproductive health organizations? Former Kirkland City Council member Larry Springer gets our endorsement for all of this and more. His Republican challenger, Brendan Woodward, supported John McCain in 2008 and is an admitted political novice, so there’s not much of a contest here. Vote Springer!

The 45th District Democrats are committed to electing Matt, Roger, and Larry to the Legislature. Join us to help make a difference in this critical election!